Our Focus is Supra Optimal Health

Absence of disease is not an indication of health; yet, this is what Calgary based GPs want you to believe. The Mas Clinic was founded specifically to address men’s health issues. We believe there is a hidden epidemic of men with low testosterone and the medical community is doing nothing but ignoring or downplaying the problem.

Unlike other hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or testosterone replacement (TRT) clinics, we know what works and what doesn’t. Treatments like HCG or clomiphene are useless for men with low testosterone. The body is not a motorbike you can kickstart when the battery is dead. Rubbing testosterone cream on yourself every day or injecting prescribed short-acting testosterone every few weeks won’t result in much because these methods weren’t designed as long-term solutions.

The bottom line is, most practitioners and GPs in this space are ill-trained and uninformed about testosterone, mens health and longevity. Using and prescribing these therapies incorrectly actually cause more collateral problems like excess estrogen.

We custom prescribe holistic regimes and treatment plans for every patient. See how we are different.