Absence of disease is not an indication of health; yet, this is what Calgary based GPs want you to believe. We were founded specifically to address men’s health issues. We believe there is a hidden epidemic of men with low testosterone and the medical community is doing nothing villainising, trivializing or refusing to address the problem.

Testosterone Chemical Structure for Testosterone replacement therapy
Testosterone Structure

Unlike some testosterone replacement Therapy (TRT) clinics, we know what works and what doesn’t. We start by understanding the patient, and recognize the limitations and shortcomings of hormone blood tests. Some men are suffering without even knowing what is wrong. The effects of low testosterone on men are compounded over time, and in some cases, men in their mid twenties can be affected. In some cases, men can change and adapt their lifestyle to boost low testosterone, in other cases a testosterone prescription is needed to cure low T. Much like Vitamin D is essential in the diet, people living in northern climates do not get enough, they simply supplement with Vitamin D3 pills. This logic doesn’t seem to carry over to male hormones and many men are denied testosterone replacement therapy to get something that their body produces naturally.

The bottom line is, today’s men have it pretty tough, with estrogens in the food, water, air, lower sperm quality, fertility, testosterone counts, creating a cascade of health effects. To compound this problem, the majority of general practitioners and endocrinologists are ill-trained, uninformed, and have strong biases against prescribing testosterone, men’s health and longevity. In fact, owning testosterone is illegal without a prescription in the US and Canada. We strive to see a optimal balance for patients so that they can lead productive healthy and rich lives.

We are Massively interested in helping you optimize your health to live well and with a “mas” of abundance. We custom prescribe holistic regimes and treatment plans for every testosterone replacement therapy patient. See how we are Calgary’s TRT Clinic.

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