TRT, the link between Obesity and Low Testosterone

Its no secret that men’s testosterone levels are falling, and men with low testosterone are twice as likely to be obese. Putting them at further risk of diabetes and heart disease. Even if you are a man is kind of overweight or just has a “dad bod”, any waist measurement over 38 inches puts you at risk. If you’re a man who is somewhat overweight and suffers from Low T, weight loss is going to be more difficult if not virtually impossible. Testosterone plays a pivotal role in getting men out of a vicious weight gain, hormone imbalance cycle.TRT, the link between Obesity and Low Testosterone 1

Low Testosterone & Weight Loss

In our lives sex hormones play a huge part in controlling how we look, feel, act, and yes also think.

These are some of the processes that testosterone has control of in the body:

  • Fat distribution
  • RBC red blood cell count development
  • Bone density and bone mass
  • Sperm Production
  • Muscle tissue
  • Libido

Obesity and Low Testosterone — Negative feelings affect weight loss

One of the ways to tell if your low testosterone and weight gain are related is a bit less direct.

How is your aggression in the gym and your motivation to go in the first place?

TRT, the link between Obesity and Low Testosterone 2We are assuming you are not overtraining and or undereating, but if you are, take it down to 2-3 days a week. Then ask the above question. Then if your aggression is low and you don’t feel like attacking the weights and are delaying or ceasing going to the gym, its considered fatigue. A low testosterone level may be the root cause, affecting your recovery rate, fat burning and even causing mild depression in some cases.

Weightlifting combined with cardio has been proven to be an excellent to stay young. Resistance exercise increases testosterone slightly, cardio improves the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol, improves lymph node drainage and circulation. Combined with TRT, exercise can have dramatic effects on recovery, meaning the faster you recover the faster you can workout again and the faster you can grow muscle. In some cases, a man may just be pushing too hard and temporary bouts of low test. Take a week off if this is the case and recover.

Irritability and or anxiety stemming from low testosterone may drain a man causing him to make poor or irrational decisions. Some may overeat to feel better, contributing to further fat gain.

TRT, Muscle mass development, weight loss and you

The bottom line is a healthy body needs testosterone to recuperate and regulate vial bodily functions.

But having low testosterone, or sudden hormone drops, the body creates a signal to store fat. There are a number of reasons for this. In men’s bodies, estradiol is necessary but when testosterone is in the low or low normal range estradiol takes a dominate role in generating excess adipose (fat) cells.

This creates a snowball effect in the body, estradiol producing fat, fat producing estrogen, producing more estradiol, leading to obesity and further disease.

To mitigate this vicious cycle, low testosterone men need to be treated with exogenous testosterone

Testosterone Replacement Therapy — Healthy Weight Loss Has Many of Benefits

TRT, the link between Obesity and Low Testosterone 3Besides getting the best physique and rivalling men in their mid 20’s, your overall health could vastly improve by testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

And besides the unattractive look, there are many additional concerns these are some of the serious health related issues with obesity:

  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer (some forms)
  • Gout
  • High blood pressure (BP)

If you suspect that some of the problems with your weight loss efforts or growing obesity could be stemming from low testosterone, testosterone replacement assessment in our Calgary Canada clinic.

The Mas Clinic and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

TRT, the link between Obesity and Low Testosterone 4

If TRT is right for you, get ready to have your life changed. Weight loss, well being, muscle mass, energy, are just a few of the benefits. Sign up today on the waiting list for a discount on your visit.