Testosterone Replacement Therapy is your decision alone

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has been considered by many people as cheating and labels people who use testosterone as cheaters. Some experts are convinced that testosterone replacement therapy may have detrimental health effects and that testosterone ought to be definitely avoided under any condition. This irrationality flies in the face of hard science. Deficiency is deficiency, whether it be vitamin D for people living up in northern climates like Calgary or testosterone. TRT just replaces the endocrine system that was lacking in a hormone. These hormones are created naturally in the body can and significantly enhance overall quality of life and cannot be clouded by guilt brought on by the lack of understanding.

Canadian male testosterone range is from 8.0 to 29 nmol/L

Its mandatory to ask the doctor authorizing the bloodwork to specifically test “free testosterone”. As the other test, “Total Testosterone” incorporates testosterone that’s chained to sex-binding globulin hormone (SBHG) and albumin; this isn’t biologically available testosterone, this means that testosterone that is bound is not active in the body.

free testosterone vs bound testosterone
how testosterone works

This “Free testosterone” range  made by testing labs is very wide. The man which has a free test level of 8.0nmol/L, and the guy with a free testosterone of 29nmol/L are in both cases, not normal. But certainly, within the range. Most GPs would not ever tell you that you are low normal or high normal. Even if you were on the edge at 8.0nmol/L, the majority of doctors would not look at treating you, they would rather ignore it because of the limited knowledge and training they have in the endocrine system. That 8.0 level is the level of an 80-year-old Calgary man.

A free test of 18.5nmol/L is considered a “normal” and a free testosterone over 25nmol/L is recognized as “high normal”.

An adult male having a free test of 25nmol/L will be over two and a half times to be very likely to add muscle, possess a fulfilling sex life along with a enhanced sense of well-being. Putting these to men with so called “normal testosterone” levels is poor medical practice and does not serve the disadvantages man with the 8.0 level of testosterone That fellow with a “low normal” free testosterone deserves exactly the same benefits as the male with the high normal testosterone level.

Absence of disease is not optimum health

Never is an individual replacing a thyroid hormone hypothyroidism be demonized and villainized by society. OR the epidemic of type 2 diabetes developed mainly from poor eating habits and lack of caloric restraint. OR the teenager who wants to go on the pill (estrogen) None of these individuals will be discriminated against.
The reason being, the professional medical community has acknowledged hypothyroidism being a disease together with severe symptoms including weight gain, cold intolerance, memory deficits, and excess fatigue. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is your decision alone 1Men with a “low normal” testosterone range can, accomplish every day activities, but might not be living at even close to full capacity. Men should not be shamed to admit a lowered testosterone level, sperm counts and test levels have been dropping yearly due to environmental estrogenic factors. As long as exogenous testosterone is prescribed safely under the care of a qualified physician and that patient is monitored for irregularities with checkups and blood tests, testosterone replacement therapy can easily boost all round quality of your life.

You are here 1 time. You can choose to listen to people who would state testosterone is cheating and that you are a drug user, or take your own path, and fix what’s broken. Testosterone and its derivatives in a replacement context will improve your like and the lives of people around you. Make that decision to change your life, only you can do this.

In Conclusion

TRT should be thought about the same as any other hormone replacement therapies are viewed. Just like medication is essential for thyroid disorders, diabetes, estrogen, testosterone is necessary for men with low T levels. man with high testosterone
It’s always best to try to control ranges through life-style factors initially, but men should not go this alone, and should seek out advice and possible treatment options from a experienced physician that has dealt with low testosterone or if your deficiency or a low normal level.






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