Testosterone Replacement Market Outlook

Due to the increasing awareness about Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) the market for these therapeutics is set to grow significantly over the next several years. One of several important aspects driving increase is the rising initiatives to boost understanding concerning the condition. The increasing occurrence regarding hypothyroidism has gotten many institutions across the world to introduce knowledge campaigns and promote earlier and diagnosis of the condition. The rise in novel therapeutic approaches is a important trend which will further stimulate sector expansion. Phama companies in this sector are developing new drugs in an effort to find and bring to market testosterones that mimic natural hormones without typical side effects, that will be safer for more TRT patients in Calgary and abroad. We believe that in addition to the awareness campaigns, real growth in this healthcare market is being fueled by the longevity sector.

testosterone replacement market

Testosterone Replacement Therapy- Where is the Growth?

The majority of the market’s growth is coming from North America. The united states is the largest market in North America for testosterone replacement therapy. This may be due, in part to cheaper hormone blood tests in Canada and the US, and the lack of a stigma associated with erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency in younger patients. The Endocrine Society, an international medical organization, serves to educate and take projects to increase understanding about hypogonadism amongst doctors. They do this by publishing clinical practice guidelines on testosterone replacement therapy. Another foundation the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, as well as the American Urological Association, Endocrine Awareness Center for health, are helping people inform themselves about the diagnosis and treatment for hypogonadism. This is generating a major number of men to actively seek TRT, HRT and fertility care centers to carry out hormone tests. All these elements are driving the growth of the sector.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy- How?

The vast majority of doctors are prescribing testosterone injectables. This is being driven by easy health insurance costs, efficacy, and lower risks than other testosterone derivatives.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy- the pharmaceutical companies

These are some of the current producers of prescription testosterone and male hormones.

AbbVie Inc.
Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Taro Pharma (Taro-Testosterone – testosterone undecanoate capsule)
Bayer AG (Nebido Testosterone Undecanoate)
Endo Pharmaceuticals (Delatestryl testosterone enanthate)
Merck Canada (Andriol testosterone undecanoate capsules)
Bausch Health (Delatestryl)
Clarus Therapeutics Inc. ( JATENZO testosterone undecanoate)
Eli Lilly and Co.
Ferring Pharmaceuticals AS
Pfizer Inc.

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