Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy may be administered specifically by our physicians in our clinic, or self-administered in your own Calgary home by patients. We administer and/or prescribe management of a number of TRT delivery methods, with respect to the patient’s preference and lifestyle. The most typical forms of testosterone therapy treatment prescribed by The Mas Clinic. are: injectable, and transdermal. Injectable delivery can be carried out in our clinic, or at home by the patient.

TRT is frequently in addition to HGH synergistically to enhance patient longevity and health, as well an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) for estrogen management is generally prescribed, so as to fine-tune testosterone and estrogen to the patient’s ideal ratio.

How to get TRT

The Mas Clinic concentrates on treating Hormone Deficiency through a very special and distinctively customized strategy to Hormone Optimization & Augmentation. We devise a TRT treatment plan specific to each and every patient’s special physiology.

The Mas Clinic is a bit different than ordinary, GPs or other TRT clinics. Our practice is undoubtedly an elite medical clinic, on the forefront of evolving anti-aging protocols. We address men that are hormone deficient, and through testosterone replacement, our patients are able to elevate their testosterone level through these enhancement protocols, making use of the latest in replacement hormone science.

Our approach is quite superior to other clinics. Our physicians fine tune every patient with a endocrine profile that yields the best positive outcome for every unique physiology. We monitor modifications in body structure, bio-markers, subjective patient feedback, amongst other things, to be able to use every individual to get the highest level of satisfaction as well as the most beneficial results.

Longevity Services

Longevity services works along with the elite services to create a patient baseline. Services include: Genetic Testing, Stem cells, Growth Hormone, TRT, Custom MRI scans, Nootropic supplementation, estrogenic caused fat accumulation. The goal is to eliminate uncertainties and unknowns by elimination of variables.

Calgary man on replacement testosterone on a treadmill
Fit older man on treadmill.

Personal Trainers and Dietitians

We work with some of the best fitness trainers in Calgary and some of the best massage therapists. These services are discounted to our patients.

Optimal Health

In addition to training, hormones, and diet, supplements play a substantial role to longevity, recovery, and optimal health.

Testosterone pills for TRT

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