Our Approach

We have a unique approach in Calgary for Testosterone replacement therapy, we customize a patients plan to meet their specific goals. If its TRT, HRT replacement therapy or longevity, we utilize all the latest studies and research to build you a custom health plan. A plan with your goals in mind. We believe that this is revolutionary and very different than other practices and what your GP could possibly offer.

Our TRT Story

Things were not always this good but our story is not unique. We suffered for decades with low testosterone. Low drive, inconsistent sex drive, DHT issues, feelings of low self esteem, high estrogen and crankiness. We went several times to the GP testing for any abnormalities. The best we were offered is a round of prosaic rather than TRT replacement. We believe hormone replacement and longevity treatments are in the dark ages in Calgary. Meanwhile menopausal women are offered testosterone treatments immediately, and male patients suffering with low testosterone have to beg and are categorically denied. Or if offered a rare treatment that keeps the hormone levels with large peaks and valleys. On the surface of this most men would assume its cost that keeping the GPs from prescribing. In actuality, the cost of the testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate is less than the cost of coffee a day without any medical coverage. Right now society has a double standard, we don’t giggle at ED problems of diabetics but are told to “man up” if we have low testosterone and that its not a real problem. Or that testosterone will lead to erratic behavior, random violence, acne, gynecomastia, heart disease, and other serious side effects. Nothing could be further from the truth. We invite you to contact us and get a consultation.

Next Steps in HRT…

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