5 ways to increase your testosterone before you need TRT

Like many men who are near low testosterone, but not low enough to warrant full testosterone replacement therapy at our Calgary TRT clinic, there may be some things you can start doing to get you into the mid-normal zone. Unlike other clinics, we do not recommend the prescription drug clomiphene for near-permanent use (later we will have an article about this). Our list here is more sound and based in fact, not folklore.

How to get started with assessing Testosterone levels in Calgary

  1. Start with getting your blood levels of testosterone, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, insulin, cholesterol and growth hormone checked. A healthy body contributes to normal levels of testosterone in the body. If you are under normal levels, you may not be able to boost testosterone by this list.
  2. Get Lean. Fat is very estrogenic. Having large amounts of adipose tissue is counterproductive to testosterone production. Being overweight or having a low muscle-to-fat ratio is also problematic for ideal testosterone levels.
  3. Get to the gym today and begin resistance training. If you have been out of the gym for a while, start slow. The best way to start is to read as much as you can about the subject and find the best personal trainer you can. Large chains tend to assign a trainer to you to you but feel free to look around for the best fit. In any case, free weight exercise has been shown to increase testosterone.
  4. Eat more fat. Cholesterol is raw building blocks of testosterone. A diet low in saturated fat actually lowers testosterone levels. Dietary fat has been known to raise testosterone levels and add volume to sperm. Fat is also great for the complexion. But balance your calories as fat is very calorie dense. Apps like a TDEE calculator let you easily figure out your caloric intake. With that knowledge, then get an app Cronometer on the google play store to count your daily calories (more on this in subsequent articles). Olive oil has been shown to increase testosterone the most and there is a positive relationship between the quantity of free cholesterol in the Leydig cells and the testosterone level. Keeping your diet rich in olive or coconut oil helps the Leydig cells to absorb even more cholesterol.
    5 ways to increase your testosterone before you need TRT 1
    testosterone levels linked to sleep hours


  5. Get 8 hours. By getting less sleep, you depriving your body of time it needs to repair itself. Make time. Long term studies have shown a 15% increase on average for every additional hour of sleep.

Boosting testosterone may not help every Calgary man get on track with normal hormone levels. But we believe in treating any blocks to optimal healthy levels prior to a prescription for testosterone. Let us help, and sign up to the clinic waiting list so we can assess your best course of action.